Quality and Reliability Engineering – The Next Step

With the advent of Quality and Reliability Engineering coming to the fore in Manufacturing and Services; certifications for Qualitists are the next generation of formalizing experience to bolster careers. Mentioned below, are some common concerns and questions that professionals generally have with relation to the certifications that Qimpro College offers:

Q.1 – Which countries across the world recognize these certifications?
Ans—All Indian conglomerates with operations abroad recognize these certifications. Also they are recognized Pan-India.

Q.2—Which are some of the industries in the world today that are demanding Quality and Reliability certified engineers?
Ans—Heavy engineering, construction, aeronautics, shipbuilding, automobiles, chemical and metallurgical are some of the industries where Quality and Reliability engineers are in demand.

Q.3—I am a Six Sigma Black Belt, why should I get certified further?
Ans—Six Sigma is a certification for process excellence. For organizational performance excellence, certifications such as the Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, and Reliability Engineer are useful.

Q.4—I’m not from the operations or manufacturing side of business, does this certification apply to me?
Ans—While Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma are universally applicable, the Associate Qualitists certifications are suitable for any kind of function in any kind of industry.

Q.5—What value can I derive from these certifications?
Ans—They are designed to formalize your technical expertise and knowledge from the workplace into a certification. In an ever-evolving market, they bolster your skill set and bring credence to your experience.

Q.6—My colleagues have been certified by ASQ, why should I choose you over them?
Ans—Qimpro College’s certifications are more affordable; our exams are flexibly schedulable; and if we receive a large number of enrollees from a company, we also conduct the exams onsite.

Q.7—I am unsure about which certification I should pick.

• Associate Qualitist: Process Improvement Manager • Associate Qualitist : Quality Improvement Manager • Associate Qualitist: Six Sigma Green Belt


• Certified Qualitist: Quality Auditor • Certified Qualitist: Quality Engineer • Certified Qualitist: Six Sigma Black Belt (3 years work exp. in Mfg/Serv. as a Six Sigma Green Belt) • Certified Qualitist: Lean Six Sigma Green belt (3 years work exp. in Mfg/Serv. as a Six Sigma Green Belt)


• Certified Qualitist: Quality Manager (with at least 2 years in a decision-making role.) • Certified Qualitist: Reliability Engineer ( Work exp. in one or more of the following topics: Reliability Management, Basic Statistical Concepts, Advanced Statistics, Maintainability and Availability, Data Collection and Use, Reliability in Design, Modeling and Prediction, Reliability Testing)

Detailed explanations of all the certifications are at: http://www.qimpro.com/certifications_and_training.php Q.8—What are my prospects of being able to train others, once I have received these certifications? Ans—Each course is designed for self-study. However if you have native training capability then you may use the material as it is crafted for tutorial-styled discussions. Q.9—What benefits can my company derive by signing a bulk number of applicants? Ans—For companies signing up en masse, we have the following benefits: • Discounts (please contact us to know more) • We will host the examination for you onsite • We will also conduct a pre-examination tutorial onsite for your applicants (Tutorial Fee + OOP expenses)


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