Creativity resident in workforce – Most underemployed asset of an organization

The most underemployed asset of an organization is the creativity resident in its workforce!


There was a time when breakthroughs in processes were delivered through continual improvement. Largely, a left-brain activity. Problem solving was addressed using structured methodologies that were catalyzed by the use of quality tools. Breakthroughs meant doing things faster, better, cheaper. Problem solving had a majestic pace. Typically, problems were solved and remedies implemented, over six months.


Life is far more competitive. Therefore, breakthroughs have to now be faster, better, cheaper, DIFFERENT.


So how can logical people think differently? How can they engage their dormant right-brains to think creatively and develop innovative solutions? There are methods. There are creativity tools that ignite this dormant right-brain. These tools are not rocket science.  However, they do require a depth of understanding of human behavior, for effective facilitation.


I have experimented with Fast Track Labs, using creativity tools for problem solving, in three different environments:


  1. Middle-level managers at a dedicated BPO, Chennai, servicing their global bank customers
  2. Undergraduate students at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  3. Post-graduate students (with 3-4 years work experience) at Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.


Each group had a focus: customer engagement; alumni engagement; effective placement. They all had a common mission: Think DIFFERENT.


At first, each group struggled to come out of their cemented thinking. But once they got involved using Brain-Writing and Imaginary-Brainstorming the labs were on fire. Participants were all over the floor with charts and color markers. Could they draw? Who cares? They communicated and understood aspects of problems that were hidden in their notional standards.


They each found answers. They found solutions in six hours. Not six months. And their solutions were DIFFERENT. The impact was transformational.


Have you ever seen participants have a hangover for weeks on end? Well Fast Track Labs accomplished just that .



2 thoughts on “Creativity resident in workforce – Most underemployed asset of an organization”

  • Thank you Mr Lulla.

    This approach is a breath of fresh air! In this fast-paced and integrated world, traditional problem solving techniques (the 10 Quality Improvement Tools) will help sustain performance but in order to move to a higher level of performance, we need a blend of creative and logical thinking tools. Reminded me of Edward De Bono’s “Po” – a technique to stimulate creative thinking.

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