Performance Excellence: Harness the Creativity Resident in your People

Old School of Thought

Once upon a time (about a decade ago) only a few people in an organization were considered to be creative. Also, it was believed that breakthrough ideas were needed only in strategic business areas.

As a practice, engineers were routinely brought in to solve production problems or customer problems. Further, there was heavy dependence on consultants for breakthroughs in products and markets.

All this is history. The old approach to creativity cannot generate dramatic results at speed.

New School of Thought


In the new age, breakthroughs are required in every discipline of a competitive organization.

In products, services, management systems, manufacturing proceses, non-manufacturing processes, operational practices, managerial practices, and more.

While engineers and consultants are still critical for breakthroughs, it is obvious that more people must engage in creatively tackling competitive organizational challenges. In order to accomplish this, we must harness the creativity that is naturally resident in the people.

As an aid, an appropriate common process must be developed for Problem Solving; a process that harnesses creativity.

What does it mean to be creative?

Creativity means consistently producing a lot of ideas for solving organization-wide problems. In commercial and non-commercial organizations.

It requires mature harvesting of these ideas to develop alternative innovative solutions. In short, this means igniting the creativity that is dormant in left-brain logical thinkers.

A choice with no options

Organizations adopting Performance Excellence models have an advantage.

A core value in the criteria is Managing For Innovation.

The scoring guidelines seek disruptive changes at mature levels of performance; driven by structured Problem Solving the creative way.

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (USA) [baldrige],  IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (India) [imcrbnqa],  Thailand Quality Award [], etc. all reward organizations that display exemplary Performance Excellence.



*The MADE IN INDIA tiger is a creative representation of the idea behind becoming a manufacturing behemoth in the global markets. Any resemblance to any other logo, is purely unintentional.


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