BENCHMARKING: Uncovering Innovative Practices

Benchmarking is the search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance… Dr Robert Camp

Benchmarking uncovers innovative practices that deliver superior performance.

So the trigger is superior performance. Benchmark performance.

Over 80% of managerial practices in any organization are generic. They deliver Results in terms of Leadership Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Efficiency of Support Processes, etc. etc.

These managerial practices are not industry specific. Therefore, they lend themselves to cross-industry Benchmarking.

The IMC RBNQA model is an orchestra of generic processes and practices that deliver Results. The examination process is a search for innovative practices that delivered superior performance. The examination roadmap demands a careful scrutiny of Results (Category 7) before searching for the innovative practices (Categories 1-6) that delivered the Results. WHAT before HOW.

In summary: The Benchmark Performance of an organization is the trigger. Eg Effective deployment of Values by Leadership. The managerial practices that enabled the Benchmark Performance are Best Practices.

Unfortunately, in India, the usage of the term Best Practice has been diluted to a threshold level. In particular, the term is carelessly used in financial management. It breeds bureaucracy!

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