Death of WIN-LOSE Competition

We are living under the tyranny of the current vertical style of management. I call this silo management. Silo management breeds Costs Of Poor Quality (COPQ). A collection of avoidable waste, rework and other inefficiencies. Unfortunately, this phantom is legitimized in our budgets.

In India, this style of management has been adopted by government, industry, education and healthcare. I believe this statement is also true for several Asian, African and South American countries.

The huge COPQ loss caused by silo management is of the order of 25 % of total costs. This number is much larger than the profit of most organizations!

Why are we prisoners of this style of management? Because we have grown up in a climate of competition between people, teams, departments, divisions, pupils, schools, universities. We have been taught by economists that competition can solve all problems. Actually, such competition, we now see, is destructive.

Collaboration and cooperation along cross-functional  processes is the elixir for organizational health. The silos need to be diluted. Also, the barriers between suppliers and customers need to be broken down. With a win-win mind-set born out of a new horizontal style of management, namely process management, we can delight employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. As a result, we will have the ability to deliver hard-results, as well as soft results. In abundance.

All this will breed trust.

Good for India. Great for ‘Made In India’.

We don’t need a win-lose environment, in India.

Do you agree? Why?

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Do you agree? Why?


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