Prerequisites for a Rollout of Performance Excellence

Much is happening in the business world. According to me, all management education requires a revisit. We need to migrate from incremental thinking to disruptive thinking. Because, only the fittest will survive.

With two decades of IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (IMC RBNQA) behind us, I ask myself “Is this Performance Excellence model fit for use?”. On reflection, the answer is a firm “Yes”.

Although, I would like to add, I may now approach the rollout of IMC RBNQA in an organization, differently. With some disruptive thinking.

  • As a first step, I will factor a heavy dose of Housekeeping for 200 days. I believe, Housekeeping sensitizes workers to detect errors. Indirectly to Quality. It also gives dignity to the workers.
  • For the next 200 days, I will add a mega focus on Safety, as a top-down initiative. I believe that when an accident occurs, there is a failure in a product or process. The finger points to Quality. Engaging the top management in Safety sends an ”I care” message to the workers. It gives further dignity to the workers. It improves internal customer satisfaction.
  • As a third step, I will drill workers with mandatory education and engagement in Continuous Quality Improvement, the oxygen for Performance Excellence. This will benefit the organization’s manufacturing / service and support processes with Quality Breakthroughs. A quality culture will be born. Improvements will certainly benefit external customers, internal customers, and society (the hidden customer). Let’s give this phase another 400 days.
  • Next (or may be sooner) I will add Mother Earth as a critical customer. For about 400 days. I will give significant weightage to innovative Green Practices. Today, we are in this boundaryless mess we call Climate Change, because we have ignored Mother Earth.

With Housekeeping, Safety and Green Practices seeded, I will then embark on implementing the IMC RBNQA model in an organization.


5 thoughts on “Prerequisites for a Rollout of Performance Excellence”

  • Yes sir would certainly agree on all these to bring in basic change on organisations and the biggest change is in people wherein they need to understand health ,hygiene ,safety & environment in ample doses preferred by you,and then bring the catalyst for change the QCDIP,which is quality,cost,delivery,innovation & productivity not in the very order of the letters.

  • Absolutely on the money ,Dr Lulla. It is imperative to seriously consider these. It is rather unfortunate that responsibility of a clean workplace is of the housekeeping ( contract ) team, safety compliance of the safety officer/manager, continual improvement of 6 Sigma coordinator and environment of the HR /EHS guys.
    A visible & consistent leadership involvement and encouraging/motivating all employees to give their best, is possibly the way forward.
    Employees needs to reach that self-actualization and leadership must ensure it happens sooner than later.

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