What will our children inherit from this Mumbai Aarey massacre?

Mumbai Aarey Massacre - Qimpro

Financial Management

Historically, most organizations have been organized in siloes. These siloes have names: Purchase; Operations; Human Resources Development; Marketing; Accounting; and so on.

These silos (functions) are managed with a trilogy of practices: Financial Planning; Financial Control; Financial Improvement. They collectively populate the budget. And the report card is the Profit & Loss Statement.

That is how Mumbai Metro 3 is being managed.

So what is the issue?

Quality Management

Organizations fail because they are not customer driven.

The reality is that customers are outside the organization. They receive the output of work that flows horizontally across functions. We call this work a process.

Processes are managed with a trilogy of practices: Quality Planning; Quality Control; Quality Improvement. They collectively delight the customers.

So far, so good.

So what is the issue?

The ultimate customer is Mother Earth. The air. The trees. The soil. The water.

Mumbai Aarey Forest

Mumbai Aarey Forest is a gift from Mother Earth. Over the years, it has selflessly and lovingly grown to become a lung of Bombay / Mumbai.

The decision and action to fell approximately 2200 trees in one night, is murder of Mumbai Aarey Forest, as well as Mother Earth. This decision was probably based on raw data that was erroneously processed into information……to say what you wanted the information to say….. that “the Mumbai Aarey Forest is the ideal location for the Metro 3 Car Shed”.

Where has the knowledge required for Quality Planning gone?

Where has the collective wisdom of high priests of justice gone?

What will our children and grandchildren inherit from this massacre?

Random Thoughts

  1. Data processed with management tools becomes information.
  2. Information that has been applied gives birth to knowledge.
  3. Wisdom is knowing when to use or not-use knowledge.
  4. Plug the above 3, for the Mumbai Metro 3 Car Shed project.
  5. Why was the relief party for fauna barred from the Metro 3 Car Shed site?
  6. Has Dr E Sreedharan, the METRO MAN, been consulted?
  7. Why is the Aarey tree felling speed not practiced for correcting Mumbai potholes?

18 thoughts on “What will our children inherit from this Mumbai Aarey massacre?”

  • Very aptly expressed by Mr Suresh Lulla bringing the Juran Trilogy back into perspective.

    Adequate exploration of alternatives and creative insights from others should be taken into consideration before embarking upon such a major change.

    We need the Metro but not necessarily at the cost of falling green cover and demolishing trees.

    • I agree Srini. We need the Metro BUT not at the cost of the environment.
      Srini, two decades back, you introduced me to the Triple Bottom Line being practiced at ITC. The tomorrow we feared, is today.
      The Mumbai Aarey Massacre is simply not acceptable. Innovative solutions should have been found. NOT MURDER OF TREES.

  • This monsoon, Mithi river unleashed sufferings to Mumbaikars in many areas. Aarey trees acted as bulwark for citizens living in its vicinity against destructive flow of the river. Metro car shed is the beginning. It will open entire Aarey area for further development, in turn, further destruction.

    I feel the way ‘Quality of Life’ is measured for a city solely by criteria such as income, transportation infrastructure, economic and commercial activities, etc. is misguided. It should be inclusive of factors such as air pollution index, water purity, green cover, etc.

    Our forefathers had this wisdom. It is our generation that has made cities like Delhi unlivable.

    • Massacre of trees at Mumbai Aarey Forest is the tip of the iceberg.
      As explained by Bittu Sahgal, the Champion for Biodiversity: ” A community of trees makes up a life-support universe”.

  • Not clear on what is the big hullabaloo on removing 2200 trees. Are these special species or something that cannot be created elsewhere…or something else? All of the big cities, villages etc etc wherever people live were created by removing whatever was there naturally before human invasion. I hope nobody is proposing that each of us go back to the stone age.

    Most farmland of India was originally trees. So is true of USA and Europe and probably rest of the world. Published data on climate models that I have read says that despite that deforestation of earth, the total CO2 absorption by greenery has increased, not decreased. If true, the ‘lungs of Bombay’ or the ‘Amazonia as the lungs of the earth’ are catchy phrases that need reality check.

    • I am not as learned as you Vinay.
      I am a simple human living in Mumbai with a wife, children, grandchild.
      I also have relatives, each with their spouse, children, grandchildren, friends,each with their spouse, children, grandchildren; employees; neighbors; teachers, students, pets, plants. We have trees and birds in our neighborhood, as well as the summer breeze of the Arabian Sea,
      I am ignorant about history, as well as geography.
      In short, we live in harmony. I feel a sense of responsibility for my diverse humans, flora and fauna.
      I am accountable for the Quality Of Life in my Circle Of Influence.
      I know that NOW is important.
      I seek your understanding, my friend of over 50 years.

  • The observations are interesting and correct.
    It is unfortunate that a decision to strike at night was taken. They are wanting too establish executive authority in projects like these.
    The struggle will continue but it would be interesting to see what happens on Oct 21.

    • You are a Enviro-Lawyer, Hari.
      The decision to strike at night, and on such a scale, reeks of questionable intent.
      The damage has been done. The target number of trees to be felled, has been achieved by the marauders..
      What will 21 October do? Arrest the guilty?

  • The financial management helps achieve profit and quality management helps achieve sustainable profit. Any CEO/CFO would do financial management and only Promoters/visionary CEOs would also invest in quality management.

    Likewise any city can do infrastructure development without planning and customers in sights. It may be done to achieve financial gains only. However a
    A well planned city does both financial and quality management and takes care of citizens and enviroment.

    What applies to corporate world also applies to city management. You can build a Jamshedpur and also build a Mumbai without much vision and forsight.

    • Dear Sachin,
      I empathize with your thoughts.
      We need leaders with COMMITMENT , such as Dr E Sreedharan, to transform cities in India.He was our Qimpro Platinum Standard 2003……..selected by a Panel of Judges chaired by Mr Ratan Tata, Qimpro Platinum Standard 2002.
      Warm regards

  • Development at what cost and for whom, that’s the question…. What will be the life of such infrastructure …

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