TRUST – The Quality Accelerator

TRUST – The Quality Accelerator - Qimpro


With product-life-cycles shrinking, ‘speed to market’ is the mantra for extending company-life-cycles. It is the ultimate competitive weapon.

To accomplish the above, we need to understand customer needs proactively, and translate those needs into Best-in-Class features, and related processes. We must be first in the market place, to grab major market share. There is no consolation prize for being second.

We call this Building Quality into Design. This must be a core competency of an organization, for survival and success. Including start-ups.

Quality by Design can deliver customer loyalty, and therefore support company-life-extension. Yes. In theory.

Trust produces speed

In reality, above all else, we need to be trusted.

Low trust causes friction. Trust produces speed.

Low trust causes friction, whether it is caused by unethical behaviour, or by ethical but incompetent behaviour.

Low trust is the greatest cost in organizations. Low trust creates hidden agendas, politics, interpersonal conflicts, interdepartmental rivalries, win-lose thinking, defensive communication. All these reduce the speed of trust. Low trust slows every decision.  

On the other hand, trust produces speed. The greatest trust-building key is ‘results’. Results build brand loyalty.

Results inspire and fire up a winning culture. The consistent production of results not only causes customers to increase their reorders, it also compels them to recommend you to others. I have seen this happen with tractors and motor bikes –  Mahindra and Bajaj, respectively. Globally.

Trust is like an aquifer – the huge water pool under the earth that feeds all the subsurface wells. In business these wells are often called improvement, innovation, best practices, green practices, empowerment.


This blog is an expansion of my previous blog: How to Pole Vault to Quality 4.0?

Random Thoughts

  1. Trust = Character + Competencies
  2. Character = Integrity (Keeping your promises) + Maturity (depersonalizing problem definition) + Abundance Mentality (win-win thinking)
  3. Competencies = Technical Skills + Soft Skills

5 thoughts on “TRUST – The Quality Accelerator”

  • Very true – “Trust is like an aquifer that feeds many subsurface wells!” Although it is part of many organzations’ set of values, there is no process or method to deploy it within the company. This results in multiple controls and waste – which reduces speed! Now I hope organisations can view “Trust” as an enabler to performance than just a “feel good” value! Thank you Mr Lulla for articulating it for us.

  • Good Blog ! This was overdue Mr. Lulla.

    Quality’s role in faster product development, revenue enhancement and market share is much required.

    Also, Quality Leaders need to be Trusted Strategic Advisors to CEO’s and help him/her deploy vision and strategies.

  • Trust is built through actions not words. If an employee trusts his organization, he is ready to stretch beyond his limits to fulfill an urgent requirement. If a customer trusts a seller, it becomes a key differentiating factor and provides seller a competitive advantage. But trust takes years to build and moments to destroy – be it personal or professional life.
    Low trust creates barriers to consultation and participation of workers, and increases decision making time, a key category of waste. Agility of the organization to respond to changing circumstances get destroyed. Hence, trust is a key factor to maintain sustainability of the organization.

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