God created Man…Man created WAR

God created Man...Man created WAR - Qimpro

Random Thoughts

God designed Man perfectly. The diamond of quality.

Imagine the complex systems and processes resident in Man. With advances in medical science, we are still only on the threshold of understanding.

Over the centuries, Man has proved to be disobedient. He has created a monster of God’s creation.

Why? Man is the only creation of God that goes to war, with precise arms and ammunition, killing his own kind. The vehicle is an aggressive proficient military. This definitely qualifies as poor quality.

I am confused.

Unanswered Questions

The distorted and cruel behaviour of Man raises a few questions in my mind:

  1. Why are defence equipment used primarily for offence?
  2. Why is manufacture for defence the backbone of developed economies?
  3. Why do developed nations provoke war in nations miles away from their own borders?

I am confused.

Lessons from Manufacture for Defence

On the other hand, Quality, as a management discipline, was born from military standards for manufacturing.

Manufacture for Defence uses three quality management processes:

  1. Quality Planning: For building quality into the design of products and their related processes – Setting the standard
  2. Quality Control: For ensuring consistent performance of processes as per the standard – Maintaining the standard
  3. Quality Improvement: For continuous incremental improvement in process performance – Challenging the standard.

In the case of Defence, the outputs of manufacturing processes must perform with certainty. With reliability. Or else…..RIP.

As a consolation for the mess created by Man, Industry should benchmark and adopt these three quality management processes.

Is it possible?

I am confused.

Japan: An outlier

Over the past 75 years, Japan has survived and succeeded economically, without engaging in war.

Japan’s secret: Quality Improvement of manufacturing processes; the by-product of which has been a huge reduction in Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ). Examples: Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, and more.

I like that.

Can you think of any other nation that has accomplished the same?

2 thoughts on “God created Man…Man created WAR”

  • Yes, war destroys civilizations, disrupts all economic development, disorganises human life. Yet, the wars have been fouught for economic or nationaiistic bigotry since times immemorial. And always the victors and vanquished have regretted the tremendous loss to themselves and also to the other side.

    • Man has a mind that differentiates him from all other creations.
      All other species do what God had designed them for.
      Only Man, with a mind, behave contrary to design.
      Man goes to battle with Man. No other species does.
      What kind of teeth does Man have? Herbivorous? Or Carnivorous?

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