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Lessons in Excellence

Singapore Quality Award

The Singapore Quality Award with Special Commendation (SQASC) is the pinnacle award for Business Excellence in Singapore.

On 8 October, 2019, Singapore Prison Service (SPS) was  awarded the SQASC.


The SQASC was in recognition of the Excellent Leadership and Managerial Best Practices, resident in SPS.

This award also recognised that SPS was committed to the safe and secure custody of inmates; as well as, their rehabilitation – to serve as responsible citizens.

SPS, a uniformed organisation, was institutionalised in 1946. It is one of the nine Departments, under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). SPS contributes to MHA’s Vision: To make Singapore a Safe and Secure Best Home, through the secure custody and rehabilitation of offenders

Dubai Police Global Excellence Award

Dubai Police Global Excellence Award (DPGEA) is an international award that recognizes Excellence in the work of police forces, as well as law enforcement agencies and related organizations.

The objective of the DPGEA is to help police forces and law enforcement agencies to promote Excellence and share Best Practices in fighting crimes and combatting new and emerging threats

The DPGEA is open to all police forces and law enforcements around the world. It aims at infusing a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing to fight crimes and build a safer world for our communities.

Best Practice

The Singapore Prison Service and the Dubai Police have one common Best Practice – Treat your citizens with dignity.

Random Thoughts

  1. Can a rehabilitated offender in Singapore be placed in the MHA?
  2. What are the prerequisites for being appointed a policeman in Dubai?
  3. Is adoption of Excellence Models mandatory for governmental institutions in Singapore and Dubai?
  4. How can Indian institutions learn Best Practices from these two multinational countries?


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    • Thank you Syed for your positive feedback.
      Your wish is also my wish…prisons applying for the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award.
      As an intermediate step, our municipalities should adopt Performance Excellence Models.

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