Coronavirus: The Invisible Teacher

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Coronavirus: The Invisible Teacher - Qimpro

India is in a Lockdown. Citizens are in Coronavirus Cages.

For the past month, the print and television media (English, Hindi, and Regional), have been updating the citizens of India with daily data on Coronavirus: Reported Cases; Active Cases; Deaths. This serves to alert us on the threats of the invisible virus.

Further, this data has been analysed to identify the concentration of cases state-by-state and district-by-district. This is information. We now have information on the identified hotspots district-by- district.

India has proven to be well disciplined, if not the most disciplined, during the lockdown, in comparison to many other countries. We salute all Indian citizens for making this happen.

Citizens have noted what data is being gathered – Indian statistics as well as global statistics. They dream of an urgent cure to Coronavirus, especially for their little children and retired elders.

These Indian citizens have a few related questions:

  1. How is this data being gathered?
  2. Is the method for gathering data identical, country by country?
  3. What information can we extract from this data?
  4. How will we apply this information?
  5. Will the application of information generate knowledge for decision making at the ground level?
  6. How will this knowledge help the farmers?
  7. How will this knowledge help the factory workers?
  8. How will this knowledge help healthcare organizations?
  9. How will this knowledge help educational institutions?
  10. How will this knowledge help us to save Mother Earth?
  11. How will the wisdom from our knowledge be shared with the global village?
  12. How will we integrate this wisdom into our life values?
  13. Will we have the wisdom, henceforth, to be greed-free?
  14. Will we have the wisdom, henceforth, to treat humans and all creation with care and dignity?
  15. Will Leadership practices be permanently upgraded, based on this wisdom?
  16. And more.

Coronavirus has been a teacher. A strict one at that.

A special salute to our Healthcare workers and Sanitation labourers for their tireless and selfless services. They have dared, while we sit in the safety of our Coronavirus Cages.

Jai Hind.

Random Thoughts

  1. Is precise data always accurate?
  2. Is accurate data always precise?
  3. Are Financial Reports precise?
  4. Are Financial Reports always accurate?
  5. Leaders should learn to ask the right questions. That will help in data gathering and creation of accurate information.
  6. The knowledge resident in farmers and factory workers is the most underemployed asset in India.
  7. We need to adopt Gandhian Principles: Swadeshi, Swacchata, and Sarvodaya.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus: The Invisible Teacher”

  • This pandemonium has taught us that, we need to keep social distancing between people itself not among the humanity.

  • Absolutely agree. Corona virus has taught us a lesson. However, how much we learn and change is a factor of how humble and human we are. Hope floats and I hope we learn our lessons and change. If not, I am not sure we will get another opportunity.
    We are searching for the cure when it is already there – improved immunity. Let us stop doing things that reduce immunity eg. stop anything (activity, industry, etc.) contributing to pollution, discard products that pollute.
    Some will argue that we will stop progress! I agree we will stop progress in the wrong direction!

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