Lockdown Blues: People Make Quality

Lockdown Blues: People Make Quality - Qimpro

The Lockdown Horizon is blurred.

The Coronavirus Horizon is distant.

Our values, mission and vision require a fresh articulation, or reconfirmation.

All is not bad.

Through this extended Lockdown, I have learned much.

The five key lessons learned by me are:

  1. Work From Home (WFH) is here to stay
  2. Our needs are a fraction of our greed
  3. Living in harmony with Mother Earth is possible
  4. The economy is in ICU
  5. Healthcare, Education and Farming can revive the economy, by addressing the respective supply chains.

While sanity has returned, depression has conquered a few individuals.

Behavioural Scientists should voluntarily extend on-line services. Urgently. And actively.

Leaders should consciously engage with anxious employees and drifting customers.

Creative approaches for 1000% ROI (Return on Individual) must be strategized, to energize employees.

Through engagement, we must cement a significant mind-share with customers.

We need to hold on to principles of life, in order to ensure a Quality of Life.

Ultimately, People Make Quality.

Random Thoughts

  1. Will Finance and Quality work shoulder to shoulder?
  2. Will HR and Quality work shoulder to shoulder?
  3. Will CEOs be from the Quality stream?
  4. Will Doctors be revered as Healers?
  5. Will Teachers be revered as Gurus?
  6. Will Farmers be treated with dignity?

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