25 Years of Qimpro Awards

Recognizing the need to celebrate greatness in quality—Dr JM Juran, the Quality Guru conceptualized the Qimpro Awards in 1989. Twenty-five years hence, they are India’s premier quality citations for recognizing individual excellence in quality management.

In the early years, recognition was restricted to the Business category. For the past decade, two more categories have been added: Healthcare and Education.

In each category Qimpro Foundation presents two awards. The Qimpro Platinum Standard is for a ‘National Statesman for Excellence in Quality’; the focus is MACRO. And the Qimpro Gold Standard for a ‘Role Model Leader for World Class Quality’; the focus is MICRO. The search is across urban and rural India.

The winners are selected by three eminent panels of judges; each chaired by the respective Qimpro Platinum Standard of the previous year.

The event is hosted by Qimpro Foundation.  Established in 1990, the Foundation is an endeavor to facilitate Quality in Education and Healthcare throughout India, as well as to recognize Indians serving as role models for world-class quality leadership in Business, Education and Healthcare.

In our 25th year on this journey, this edition saw two remarkably humble individuals receive the Qimpro Platinum Standard in the Healthcare and Education categories.

The Qimpro Platinum Standard 2014 in the Healthcare is Dr Milind Kirtane. He is a renowned ENT surgeon. He can best be described as: Pioneer, Professional and People-focused. Dr Kirtane’s most distinguished contribution to man-kind is gifting a new life to children born with profound hearing loss through Cochlear Implants. Over the past 18 years, he has conducted over 1700 successful cochlear implants and gone the extra mile, raising donations for 1000 children who could not afford the cost of an implant. A benchmark.

(L) Dr Armida Fernandez, (C) Dr Milind Kirtane, (R) Dr Sultan Pradhan

Knowledge is not knowledge until it is shared. Dr Kirtane has walked this belief. He has trained 150 ENT surgeons for cochlear implant surgery. He even mentors these surgeons during their first few implants.

He is also responsible for setting up a staggering 32 cochlear implant centers across the country. He has also training over 1600 ENT surgeons in micro-ear surgery in India.

The Qimpro Platinum Standard 2014 in the Education is Dr KV Kuppusamy. He is a visionary and an achiever, who is graced with natural humility. Over the past 50 years, he has reinvented himself in many avatars. He has evolved from a small time entrepreneur, to the owner of a large textile mill, to an agriculturist, to an educationist, to a social counselor.

(L) Suresh Lulla, (C) Dr KV Kuppusamy, (R) Prof. M S Pillai

Dr Kuppusamy established RVS Educational Trust in 1983— the Trust now manages more than 100 educational and non-educational institutions in Tamil Nadu. They feed talent to organizations across South India. Collectively, RVS services over 40,000 students and employs over 6,500 faculty and staff.

Dr Kuppusamy’s latest initiative is in the space of Skills Development for unemployed youth, particularly in rural India. RVS trains over 25,000 youth and facilitates appropriate placement. Consequently each RVS institution goes the extra mile to train students in soft skills and general knowledge. A benchmark.


Stay tuned, for next week I will be showcasing the Qimpro Gold Standard winners of 2014.


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Suresh Lulla established Qimpro Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in 1987 as a focused quality management consultancy based on The Juran Trilogy: quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement. Since inception, Qimpro has saved Indian corporates over Rs 20,000 crores in terms of cost of poor quality, using the Juran methodologies. In 1989, Mr Lulla established Qimpro Convention as a culmination of a quality improvement competition for the QualTech Prize. Currently, there are three parallel competitions - improvement, innovation, and sustainability in the manufacturing, services, and healthcare sectors. Areas of Specialization • Problem Solving • Process Excellence • Performance Excellence • Benchmarking Best Practices Author Mr Lulla has authored 'World-Class Quality: An Executive Handbook' published by Tata McGraw- Hill (2003). Quality Fables In 2014, Mr Lulla released Quality Fables. Unlike Aesop's Fables, these 25 fables are not based on fiction and/or animals. They are based on real experiences and involve real people. Each is a short narrative making a significant point. Recognition In 2004, Mr Lulla was awarded the IMC Juran Centennial Medal for his pioneering contribution to quality practices in India. In 2005, Mr Lulla was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in recognition of his outstanding achievements in Quality Management Consultancy. In 2006, the Institute of Management Consultants of India conferred on Mr Lulla the award of Fellow Member. Professional Bodies • Chairman, IMC Quality Awards Committee - IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award; IMC Juran Medal • Director - Membership Retention and Engagement, Global Benchmarking Network
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