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Stories: The Art of Effective Communication

Think of Batman, or Snoopy in Peanuts. Think of Hanuman in Indian mythology, or Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. All good stories have a hero or team of heroes, plus two other key elements: A serious challenge The hero(es) dealing with the challenge and learning something, […]

Proactive Problem Solving: The Art of Finding Problems When there are None

        Source: https://meetville.com/images/quotes/Quotation-Richard-Bach-gifts-problems-Meetville-Quotes-112450.jpg   PROBLEMS There are problems of poverty. There are problems of ill health. There are problems of crime and corruption. There are problems of environmental pollution. There are problems of inefficient business processes. There are innumerable problems. It is […]

Consultants = Problem Solvers

  Management Consultants must be Problem Solvers Management consultants deliver reports. But do they deliver results? Management consultants are a cost to clients. Each should aim to become an asset for the client. These are the fractured equations that mar client-consultant relationships. In the process, clients become cynical […]

Kill the Consultant

Management consulting in India commenced 50 years back with audit firms extending their services that focused primarily on strategic financial management. The need to market consultancy services was minimal. Over the years, the range of services has expanded to include economic feasibility studies, organizational restructuring, […]

Jobs for Graduates: Easier to find water in a desert

  The Barren Desert Here are two statements from an article that appeared in The Times of India on 2 August, 2014: • Half of B-school seats go empty • Students who refused seats have cited poor placement and high fees as two of the […]

Creativity resident in workforce – Most underemployed asset of an organization

The most underemployed asset of an organization is the creativity resident in its workforce!   There was a time when breakthroughs in processes were delivered through continual improvement. Largely, a left-brain activity. Problem solving was addressed using structured methodologies that were catalyzed by the use […]