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What can you do to drive ‘Make in India’?

MAKE IN INDIA is the catalyst for creating jobs in the country. It is the right strategy.       However, for MAKE IN INDIA to happen, it is important that the government deal with the following anticipated challenges: · … Continue reading

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Did you know you’re against Quality? Undo it with Dr Juran

  No one is against quality. There is an abundance of literature on the importance of quality; on the advantages of high quality; on the need for awareness about quality However, what has been missing are answers to upper managers’ … Continue reading

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Do we have a Right to Service?

How to create? The icon for world-class quality is the craftsman. Think of the craftsmen who built the Taj Mahal, Madurai Temple, Pyramids, Buckingham Palace and more. These craftsmen had the relevant skills and pride in their work. Their excellent … Continue reading

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Recognition, handled badly, can destroy teamwork…..

Recognition and performance measurement systems, handled badly, have the potential to do more harm than good. Handled badly, they hurt morale rather than help it; and destroy  teamwork rather than enhance it. Yet, properly acknowledging the achievements of employees is … Continue reading

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