OT to ICU Gurney Race

Lateral thinking, not a siloed approach, holds the key to the most creative solutions. This article appeared in Indian Management, October, 2017. ASEAN has extraordinary hospital facilities, in a few cities. Some could qualify as global benchmarks. The reputations of these hospitals are further reinforced […]

Who is the Hidden Customer?

Quality is about delighting your customer. Delighting through product and service features that satisfy the customer; as well as that are delivered to the customer without deficiencies. But hold your breath. The definition of customer has evolved over the past three decades. The definition now […]


MAKE IN INDIA will be a destination of choice only when the outputs MADE IN INDIA are a preferred global choice. It took Japan more than two decades, post the Second World War, to graduate from the Standard for Bad Quality (remember Raj Kapoor’s ‘mera […]

Pay 1 Get 4 Free: Inclusive Healthcare

Last Monday I was at the Sankara Eye Hospital in Coimbatore, South India. My mission was to harvest their best practices for performance excellence. I went to the campus with a totally open mind expecting to come back with a couple of great practices. That […]

‘MADE In India’ before ‘MAKE In India’

‘Make in India’ can be a great invitation by national statesmen to invest in India. This is a MACRO subject. It can be very good for the Indian economy. On the other hand, ‘Made in India’ must be the Gold Standard promise to customers, by […]

Your competitor knows your best practices – Better than you!

How many market leaders actually know their resident Best Practices? The answer is most likely to be “Don’t know”. However, there is a high probability that their competitors do…formally or informally! In a cruel competitive world, what is the aim of one’s competitors? The answer […]