Customer rebellion

Customer rebellion

Mother Earth is the ultimate customer This article appeared in Business India, July 16-29, 2018. The industrial system – what we make, buy, and use – sits within a larger system of nature. This industrial system includes, amongst others, a wide range of products such […]

Death of WIN-LOSE Competition

Death of WIN-LOSE Competition

We are living under the tyranny of the current vertical style of management. I call this silo management. Silo management breeds Costs Of Poor Quality (COPQ). A collection of avoidable waste, rework and other inefficiencies. Unfortunately, this phantom is legitimized in our budgets. In India, […]

Cost of Poor Quality

Why should a taxpayer support inefficient processes? This article appeared in Business India, June 18-July 1, 2018. From early June, there has been much said about our national carrier, Air India. Almost all have been critical about its operational inefficiency, as well as interference of […]

Looking back. Looking forward

Historic Quality in India This article appeared in Business India, May 21-June 3, 2018. In the days when historians assumed that history began with Greece, the Greek historian Herodotus recorded the first known reference to cotton grown in India. He wrote, “Certain wild trees bear […]

Shrink the Mountains of Waste

We are a rich nation. We can afford waste…. Mountains of waste. This waste is created by governments, organizations, institutions, households and individuals. In this prioritized order. Let’s focus on organizations – manufacturing and services. The waste generated by these organizations is typically one-third their […]

Partnering with the Phantom

Is quality popular? In theory perhaps. Not in practice. Is quality a fully delegable responsibility? No. This article appeared in Indian Management, November, 2017. What are the challenges to muster support for a specific quality initiative? The key one is that upper managers believe that […]