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ALARM – Is the Economy ready for Smart Cars?

ALARM – Is the Economy ready for Smart Cars?

A couple of weeks back I was in conversation with a friend who is a Researcher at the head office of Microsoft in Seattle. During the course of our chat, I learned that the current research at Microsoft was aimed at Smart Cities and Smart […]

BENCHMARKING: Uncovering Innovative Practices

BENCHMARKING: Uncovering Innovative Practices

Benchmarking is the search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance… Dr Robert Camp Benchmarking uncovers innovative practices that deliver superior performance. So the trigger is superior performance. Benchmark performance. Over 80% of managerial practices in any organization are generic. They deliver Results […]

Heroic Leadership

This article appeared in The Smart Manager, November-December, 2017. On a Sunday afternoon, I received a long-distance call on my landline, from the Vice Chairman of a tractor manufacturer in North India. He was calling from his factory, where he, his wife, and the surviving […]

Building a Quality Culture

A strong company culture defined by its values, beliefs, and behaviors, has a profound impact on its products and services. More so in today’s VUCA world, where to stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge, it is critical for organizations to build a culture that […]

How to be a Quality Practitioner in 2016?

It doesn’t matter which department you’re in. Quality is no longer just for operations! Its even more important for each member of Marketing, Finance, HR, and IT to become Quality Practitioners! Throughout our journey, my consultancy Qimpro and I have simply done one thing to […]

Who is the Hidden Customer?

Quality is about delighting your customer. Delighting through product and service features that satisfy the customer; as well as that are delivered to the customer without deficiencies. But hold your breath. The definition of customer has evolved over the past three decades. The definition now […]