Building a Quality Culture

A strong company culture defined by its values, beliefs, and behaviors, has a profound impact on its products and services. More so in today’s VUCA world, where to stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge, it is critical for organizations to build a culture that […]

12 Questions that every Director should ask!

Asking the right questions is at the heart of good Corporate Governance. I have had good and disastrous experiences on various boards, including my own companies. Based on these experiences I have compiled a list of twelve questions directors of an organization should ponder over. […]

Proactive Problem Solving: The Art of Finding Problems When there are None

Source: PROBLEMS There are problems of poverty. There are problems of ill health. There are problems of crime and corruption. There are problems of environmental pollution. There are problems of inefficient business processes. There are innumerable problems. It is possible to address each problem […]

What can you do to drive ‘Make in India’?

MAKE IN INDIA is the catalyst for creating jobs in the country. It is the right strategy.   However, for MAKE IN INDIA to happen, it is important that the government deal with the following anticipated challenges: · New factories will require land · New […]

Consultants = Problem Solvers

Management Consultants must be Problem Solvers Management consultants deliver reports. But do they deliver results? Management consultants are a cost to clients. Each should aim to become an asset for the client. These are the fractured equations that mar client-consultant relationships. In the process, clients become cynical about […]

Who Pays for Bad Quality? Is there a Solution?

Nobody is against Quality. Particularly, when you wear the hat of a customer. At a personal level. I would like to remind you that  your purchase department wears the hat of a customer in the eyes of your suppliers. So the basic question is: Does […]