Who is the Hidden Customer?

Quality is about delighting your customer. Delighting through product and service features that satisfy the customer; as well as that are delivered to the customer without deficiencies. But hold your breath. The definition of customer has evolved over the past three decades. The definition now […]

Performance Excellence: Harness the Creativity Resident in your People

Old School of Thought Once upon a time (about a decade ago) only a few people in an organization were considered to be creative. Also, it was believed that breakthrough ideas were needed only in strategic business areas. As a practice, engineers were routinely brought […]

Your competitor knows your best practices – Better than you!

How many market leaders actually know their resident Best Practices? The answer is most likely to be “Don’t know”. However, there is a high probability that their competitors do…formally or informally! In a cruel competitive world, what is the aim of one’s competitors? The answer […]

Quality Maturity: From Ignoring Customers to Chasing Hidden Customers

Organizations exist because they have customers. Try living a day without a customer! The job of a manager is to solve problems. Without problems there is no real work for the manager. Where is the Customer? In the first stage of an organization’s Quality Maturity […]

Faster, Cheaper, Flawless – MOM by ISRO

On Wednesday 24 September, at 7.41 am, India became the first country ever to successfully place its indigenously built Mars bound spacecraft, MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission), in Martian orbit, in a maiden attempt. With this achievement, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) joins an elite […]

Building a Culture for Zero Defects

Here are two examples on building a culture for Zero Defects that I had read about in a book by Konosuke Matsushita in the 1980s. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty remembering the title of the book. Automobile Manufacturer An automobile company in Japan apparently had […]