Performance Excellence

28 Years of Qimpro. Reset.

Qimpro is 28 years young. Over these years, in my experience, Quality perceptions have changed. Quality is no longer an inside-out subject. It is an outside-in subject. Outside, by definition, now includes customers, community, climate, and share holders. In addition, Excellence is no longer foreign […]

Performance Excellence: Harness the Creativity Resident in your People

Old School of Thought Once upon a time (about a decade ago) only a few people in an organization were considered to be creative. Also, it was believed that breakthrough ideas were needed only in strategic business areas. As a practice, engineers were routinely brought […]

Seven Steps to Build a Quality Culture

The popular belief is that building a Quality Culture is a major exercise for an organization, or for that matter, government. I disagree. Building an organization-wide Quality Culture starts at the top. Now, that’s the hard part. Based on my interactions with the Tata Group, […]

Pay 1 Get 4 Free: Inclusive Healthcare

Last Monday I was at the Sankara Eye Hospital in Coimbatore, South India. My mission was to harvest their best practices for performance excellence. I went to the campus with a totally open mind expecting to come back with a couple of great practices. That […]

25 years of Qimpro Awards – Part 2

As you are aware, Qimpro Awards recently celebrated its 25th edition this November. In my previous blog I had enumerated the many virtues of our Qimpro Platinum Standard winners in Healthcare—Dr. Milind V Kirtane and Education—Dr KV Kuppusamy. This week I will be talking about […]

25 Years of Qimpro Awards

Recognizing the need to celebrate greatness in quality—Dr JM Juran, the Quality Guru conceptualized the Qimpro Awards in 1989. Twenty-five years hence, they are India’s premier quality citations for recognizing individual excellence in quality management. In the early years, recognition was restricted to the Business […]