Problem Solving

Transform Your Future & Your Company’s: The same way!

Become an architect of your future. How? Identify the challenges standing between you and your dream. Define these challenges. Don’t run away from these defined challenges. Systematically diagnose these challenges. Then design solutions to overcome the challenges. Finally, implement the solutions. Yes, implement the solutions at […]

Facilitators: New-age Ghostbusters

The Merchant & The Guru Once upon a time a guru was confronted by a frustrated merchant burdened with many personal and trade problems. The merchant asked the guru: “Why have I been singled out with this enormous burden?” After several minutes of silence, the guru […]

Jobs for Graduates: Easier to find water in a desert

The Barren Desert Here are two statements from an article that appeared in The Times of India on 2 August, 2014: • Half of B-school seats go empty • Students who refused seats have cited poor placement and high fees as two of the prime […]

Our National Pastime: Problems

Problems…Here. There. Everywhere Think of a real life problem you would really like to see solved. Here are a few to stimulate your thinking: • Starvation in India, in spite of food wastage • Dependence on monsoons for water supply, resulting in water cuts • […]

Do we have a Right to Service?

How to create? The icon for world-class quality is the craftsman. Think of the craftsmen who built the Taj Mahal, Madurai Temple, Pyramids, Buckingham Palace and more. These craftsmen had the relevant skills and pride in their work. Their excellent work has stood the test […]

Juran’s Managerial Breakthrough coined Six Sigma by Motorola

Over the years, I’ve always maintained that Six Sigma finds its origins in ‘Managerial Breakthroughs’ by Dr JM Juran. Here is a selection of excerpts from European Quality. Volume 8. Number 3. that further prove my humble claims. ——- On 6 May, 2001 Dr Joseph […]