Indian Craftsman. Our Differentiator.

In 1973, when India’s population was a little over half a billion, the Ford Foundation awarded a Second India assignment to Tata Economic Consultancy Services (TECS). Their projection was that by 2000 India’s population will double to one billion. The Second India assignment was personally […]

Legitimizing Process Incapability

This article appeared in The Smart Manager, November-December, 2017. On one of my monthly visits to the head office of a television manufacturer, the Chairman was a worried man. No. Correction. He was in a state of shock. He purposefully took me to his plush […]

OT to ICU Gurney Race

Lateral thinking, not a siloed approach, holds the key to the most creative solutions. This article appeared in Indian Management, October, 2017. ASEAN has extraordinary hospital facilities, in a few cities. Some could qualify as global benchmarks. The reputations of these hospitals are further reinforced […]

How to be a Quality Practitioner in 2016?

It doesn’t matter which department you’re in. Quality is no longer just for operations! Its even more important for each member of Marketing, Finance, HR, and IT to become Quality Practitioners! Throughout our journey, my consultancy Qimpro and I have simply done one thing to […]

12 Questions that every Director should ask!

Asking the right questions is at the heart of good Corporate Governance. I have had good and disastrous experiences on various boards, including my own companies. Based on these experiences I have compiled a list of twelve questions directors of an organization should ponder over. […]

Who Pays for Bad Quality? Is there a Solution?

Nobody is against Quality. Particularly, when you wear the hat of a customer. At a personal level. I would like to remind you that  your purchase department wears the hat of a customer in the eyes of your suppliers. So the basic question is: Does […]