Quality Fables

Heroic Leadership

This article appeared in The Smart Manager, November-December, 2017. On a Sunday afternoon, I received a long-distance call on my landline, from the Vice Chairman of a tractor manufacturer in North India. He was calling from his factory, where he, his wife, and the surviving […]

Partnering with the Phantom

Is quality popular? In theory perhaps. Not in practice. Is quality a fully delegable responsibility? No. This article appeared in Indian Management, November, 2017. What are the challenges to muster support for a specific quality initiative? The key one is that upper managers believe that […]

OT to ICU Gurney Race

Lateral thinking, not a siloed approach, holds the key to the most creative solutions. This article appeared in Indian Management, October, 2017. ASEAN has extraordinary hospital facilities, in a few cities. Some could qualify as global benchmarks. The reputations of these hospitals are further reinforced […]

The Drunk and the Ugly

A robust quality management process should actively identify and address hidden issues to prevent crises. This article appeared in Indian Management, September, 2017. Quality management involves problem solving. This is very akin to the problems solved by the Fire Departments in our cities. A couple […]

Building a Quality Culture

A strong company culture defined by its values, beliefs, and behaviors, has a profound impact on its products and services. More so in today’s VUCA world, where to stay relevant and maintain a competitive edge, it is critical for organizations to build a culture that […]

Stories: The Art of Effective Communication

Think of Batman, or Snoopy in Peanuts. Think of Hanuman in Indian mythology, or Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. All good stories have a hero or team of heroes, plus two other key elements: A serious challenge The hero(es) dealing with the challenge and learning something, […]