Who Pays for Bad Quality? Is there a Solution?

Nobody is against Quality. Particularly, when you wear the hat of a customer. At a personal level. I would like to remind you that  your purchase department wears the hat of a customer in the eyes of your suppliers. So the basic question is: Does […]

Supplier Solutions. MADE IN INDIA

Companies are recognizing the critical role suppliers play in the success of their own business. If the suppliers’ parts or materials are defective, the ultimate product made by the organization and shipped to the customer will be defective. Besides that, it adds to the company’s […]

Building a Culture for Zero Defects

Here are two examples on building a culture for Zero Defects that I had read about in a book by Konosuke Matsushita in the 1980s. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty remembering the title of the book. Automobile Manufacturer An automobile company in Japan apparently had […]