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2 thoughts on “Connect”

  • I have received and lot of Articles reg. QUALITY from QIMPRO under ITO compaign sponsered by SHAW TRUST during late 1990’s.

    They were very much user-friendly /useful .

    Now also I would like to get those materials ..

    Thanks to QIMPRO
    DyGM QA & MR
    Vijai Electricals Ltd.,

    • Dear Mr Ramakrishnan

      I am delighted you enjoyed the books distributed by D L Shah Trust; and compiled / authored by Qimpro.

      Mr Shah was a great philanthropist who generously published case studies facilitated by Qimpro to SMEs. He would print 50,000 copies of each and share them.

      After he passed away in 1999 at the ripe age of 99, the Trust has not continued the practice.

      Consequently, from Jan 2014, Qimpro will be attempting to bridge this need through an e-Knowledge Bank, from our Qimpro Fraternity. May I suggest you send me a formal request that you wish to join the Qimpro Fraternity at With that you will have access to projects etc that may be of interest to you.

      Warm regards,

      Suresh Lulla

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