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Dr J M Juran, the Quality Guru, believed that a consulting assignment is a success when you have made yourself redundant with a client. This was his advice to the 12 international representatives of the Juran Institute during a meeting in 1987, in Paris.

As the Indian representative of the Juran Institute, I followed his advice to the best I could. Over the years, this facilitation approach has resulted in a respectable pool of quality professionals in over 200 client organizations, past and present. At a personal level, I treasure their friendship and fellowship. We have learned from one another how to engage the left-brain for Quality solutions and the right-brain for Innovative solutions?

Last year, it occurred to me that synergizing this friendship and fellowship could catalyze the building of a national Quality & Innovation culture. I therefore approached 11 professionals, whom I hold in great esteem, to explore the idea of channelizing the collective knowledge of thousands of trained individuals on Quality & Innovation into a Qimpro Fraternity. I was gifted unanimous support by each of the 11 professionals.

The pre-requisite for membership to Qimpro Fraternity is having Quality & Innovation in one’s DNA. Subject to fulfilling this requirement, membership to Qimpro Fraternity is open to all Indians. Anybody.

Some of the services of Qimpro Fraternity will be continual. As for example, access to an on-line Knowledge Bank, populated with project summaries, articles, papers, contributed by members of the fraternity.

Other services will have a rapid periodicity…. such as, Newsletters, Webinars, Insight-Contests. Members will be encouraged to share responsibilities.

I urge you to join Qimpro Fraternity. Let us jointly seed a Quality & Innovation national culture individual by individual, and organization by organization.


11 November 2013


A community of professionals who have Quality & Innovation in their DNA.


To catalyze building of a Quality & Innovation national culture.

Vision 2020

To be recognized as the benchmark fraternity for seeding Quality & Innovation in the DNA of organizations and individuals in India.

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