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Problem Solving Workshops

There are two important thought process cycles that form the conceptual “backbone” of effective Problem Solving. These are:

  • The Divergent / Convergent Thinking Cycle: First expanding the team’s thinking and then narrowing it down to a focus
  • The Creative / Empirical Thinking Cycle: Balancing between creative and empirical thinking.

Suresh Lulla along with Qimpro offers two Management Development Programs that, through workshops and simulation, empower individuals with effective thinking skills for problem solving. Each is a stand-alone program. However, the synergistic advantage of the two programs can be gained by taking them in the sequence below:

  1.   Problem Solving using Quality Tools     2.   Problem Solving using Creativity Tools  
Quality Fables: Workshops

Suresh Lulla has also designed revolutionary seminars for Process Excellence and Performance Excellence using his wealth of experience through Quality Fables.

  1.   Process Excellence: Quality Fables     2.   Performance Excellence: Quality Fables  
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