About Suresh Lulla


A distinguished alumnus of IIT Bombay, Suresh Lulla has made a mark through his work in the field of Quality.

Mr Lulla pioneered the quality movement in India by setting up Qimpro® Consultants in 1987. Often referred to as ‘the Quality Guru of India’, he was mentored by Dr J M Juran, ‘the Father of Quality’, who, along with Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Ramkrishna Bajaj form the trinity of Mr Lulla’s role models — he jokes that one thing he has in common with his role models is a bald head!

Qimpro has served reputed Indian Business Houses, MNCs, SMEs, and Hospitals. Collectively, these clients have saved in excess of INR 25,000 crore as a by-product of Quality Improvement; specifically, by strategically addressing their Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ).

Suresh is a veteran professional with over 50 years of experience as a management consultant, speaker, trainer, author, and storyteller.

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Problem Solving Rx - Qimpro
Problem Solving Rx

Would you like to halve your COPQ, without capital investment?

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Turbocharging for PEx

Would you like to rate your
organization infrastructure for Performance Excellence?

Intelligent Cost Reduction - Qimpro
Intelligent Cost Reduction

Would you like to find out what’s hidden in your COPQ Iceberg?

Thinking Left & Right
Thinking Left + Right

Would you like to try Thinking Left & Right?

DIY PEx Self-Assessment

Would you like to try a dipstick assessment of your managerial practices?



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