About Suresh Lulla


A distinguished alumnus of IIT Bombay, Suresh Lulla has made a mark through his work in the field of Quality.

Mr Lulla pioneered the quality movement in India by setting up Qimpro® Consultants in 1987. Often referred to as ‘the Quality Guru of India’, he was mentored by Dr J M Juran, ‘the Father of Quality’, who, along with Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Ramkrishna Bajaj form the trinity of Mr Lulla’s role models — he jokes that one thing he has in common with his role models is a bald head!

Qimpro has served reputed Indian Business Houses, MNCs, SMEs, and Hospitals. Collectively, these clients have saved in excess of INR 25,000 crore as a by-product of Quality Improvement; specifically, by strategically addressing their Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ).

Suresh is a veteran professional with over 50 years of experience as a management consultant, speaker, trainer, author, and storyteller.

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Problem Solving Rx - Qimpro
Problem Solving Rx

Would you like to halve your COPQ, without capital investment?

Seal of Excellence - Qimpro
Seal of Excellence

Would you like to rate your
organization infrastructure for Performance Excellence?

Intelligent Cost Reduction - Qimpro
Intelligent Cost Reduction

Would you like to find out what’s hidden in your COPQ Iceberg?

Thinking Left and Right - Qimpro
Thinking Left + Right

Would you like to try Thinking Left & Right?


Over the past 5 decades, Mr Lulla has conducted numerous workshops, training programs, and webinars. He has also been invited as a keynote speaker or special speaker for several national and international events. Here are a few videos that we have of recent events and webinars.

The Global Excellence Organizational Congress, Abu Dhabi

Leadership for Customer Driven Quality


Suresh Lulla has been writing articles for various business publications such as Business India, Buiness Today, Smart Manager, Indian Management, The Week, Business Standard, DNA, etc since the early 1980s. He was invited as a Consultant for the third anniversary issue of Business Today, January 1995, dedicated to ‘The Quality Revolution’.
Apart from this, he has authored a few books; has been on the Board of Editors for Dr J M Juran’s ‘A History of Managing for Quality’, contributed chapters for 2 books, and co-authored Quality Council of Indiana’s CQIA Primer.


World-Class Quality - An Executive Handbook

World-Class Quality – An Executive Handbook
In his first book, Suresh Lulla has invited industry leaders, international authorities in quality to offer insights for pursuing and attaining world-class quality. In 22 chapters he has prepared a modern day road map for implementing world-class quality in your organization.

Quality Fables by Suresh Lulla

Quality Fables
’Quality Fables’ are the compilations of Suresh Lulla’s experience with clients since 1972.These 75 fables are not about fiction and/or animals. They are based on real experience and involve real people. In addition, they are short narratives with crisp business lessons.



Quality Capsules - Fundamentals of Quality