World Class Quality by Suresh Lulla

World Class Quality – An Executive Handbook

In his first book, Suresh Lulla has invited industry leaders, international authorities in quality to offer insights for pursuing and attaining world-class quality. In 22 chapters he has prepared a modern day road map for implementing world-class quality in your organization.

Praise for the book

“In this unprecedented book, Suresh brings forth the body of knowledge that is World-Class Quality as applied throughout India and well beyond. It contains contributions from 22 organizations and individuals who have ‘been there, done that’ ” …Frank M Tedesco, Senior Vice President, Juran Institute, Inc USA

“Many thanks for sending a copy of the book titled ‘World Class Quality) an Executive Handbook”, which I find very informative and knowledgeable.”…Mahesh C. Bagrodia, Director, Grasim Industries Ltd.

“Thank you very much for sending me your latest contribution to ‘World Class Quality’. The emphasis for world class quality cannot be undermined. I fully agree with you when you say that principles of Quality management are universal. I share with you the success of Qimpro in its contribution to upliftment of Quality related awareness in India.”…Gulu L. Mirchandani, Chairman & Managing Director, Mirc Electronics Ltd. (Onida)

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Quality fables by Suresh Lulla

Quality Fables

’Quality Fables’ are the compilations of Suresh Lulla’s experience with clients since 1972.

These 75 fables are not about fiction and/or animals. They are based on real experience and involve real people. In addition, they are short narratives with crisp business lessons.

Praise for the book

“I enjoyed it immensely…More importantly is the fact that you are documenting these important lessons for an audience which i consider need constant reminders. The exercise is commendable. I would greatly enjoy reading the remainder of the lessons.  It is commendable that the case can be made with so few words using the lesson of learning from others. They are a testament to your contributions in the Quality profession” …Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Life-time President, Global Benchmarking Network

“Worth reading over and again. Power packed, wisdom of a life time experience, crunched in to 5 min stories, followed by bullet point “lessons learnt” – equally interesting for an entry/mid level manager, up to a CEO. “…Amazon Customer

“The writing is lucid though the knowledge imparted is deep and profound. This is a special and much inspiring book which will need more then one reading to sink in”…Amazon Customer

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Dr J M Juran

A History of Managing for Quality – Dr J M Juran

Engineer, manager, executive, author and lecturer, Dr. Joseph M. Juran compiles the first-ever international history on managing for quality. Focusing on the elements of quality management common to all industries, this volume illustrates the immense effect that quality, and its evolution, has had on civilization over the centuries.

Juran brings together a richly diverse group of authors, each one a renowned authority in the field of quality management. Each of the 17 stand-alone chapters describes how managing for quality evolved in a specific geographical area and during a specific time frame of human history. Juran summarizes this historical profile with a final chapter that identifies and traces worldwide trends, derives lessons learned over history, and suggests likely directions in managing for quality for the next century.

Suresh Lulla was on the Board of Editors for this book.

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CQIA Primer

CQIA Primer

The Certified Quality Improvement Associate has a basic knowledge of quality tools and their uses and is involved in quality improvement projects, but doesn’t necessarily come from a traditional quality area.

PRIMERS contain the appropriate bodies of knowledge plus sample questions and answers. Many ASQ Sections use QCI Primers as their main study text. Companies and Universities use them for continuing education.

Suresh Lulla is a Co-author for this Primer.

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