A clear understanding of the fundamentals for Quality Management can facilitate interpretation of Performance Excellence models, as well as Benchmarking for Best Practices.

These fundamentals include, amongst others, the basics for Continuous Improvement and Breakthrough Innovation of managerial processes.

I have felt the need to share these fundamentals with professionals from Business, Healthcare and Education, and have therefore packaged these basics into Quality Capsules.

Commencing July 2020, the delivery mechanism for Quality Capsules will be my weekly Edu-Blog, on Wednesday afternoon. Reading an Edu-Blog will probably require five minutes, and reflection of about 60 minutes.

Going forward, I would welcome comments and questions. Please post them on a specific Edu-Blog. They will be responded to in a reasonable time.

Finally, an effective application of a mix of Quality Capsules can result in delighted Customers, Employees, Society, and Planet; as well as generate a healthy bottom line.

I look forward to engaging with you for several weeks.

Quality Capsules