Problem Solving Rx - Qimpro

The focus of this new age critical skill is on solving chronic problems seeded in processes – value creation / support / supplier. These chronic problems do not come with alarms. In fact, they are the equivalent of a Hidden Factory within the Factory dedicated to producing chronic waste. Chronic waste translates to Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ), in an organization, which is one-third the total costs.

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Seal of Excellence - Qimpro

Performance Excellence is no longer a choice. It is a prerequisite for survival in a competitive market environment. In Business. In Education. In Healthcare.

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Intelligent Cost Reduction - Qimpro

The current business environment is trapped in a vortex. The singular strategy for survival is ICR. Organizations need health in their bottom line for survival. Intelligent Cost Reduction (ICR) is an on-site, three day exercise, to carefully identify the wasteful costs of an organization factored in the management processes. These wasteful costs are budgeted for and are therefore silent. Examples: in-coming inventory; WIP; finished goods inventory; absenteeism, etc. A Pareto Analysis provides an Intelligent Compass for subsequent Cost Reduction.

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Thinking Left & Right

The Left Brain is logical by design. It is comfortable with structured methodologies and quality / management tools. It is depersonalized. On the other hand, the Right Brain is creative by design. It is emotional. It can generate out-of-the-box ideas. The Right Brain creativity coupled with Left Brain logic can deliver breakthrough innovative designs and solutions. Logical Labs and Creativity Labs can ignite the creativity dormant in logical people.

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Do-it-yourself self assessment - sureshlulla

DIY PEx Self-Assessment
Our product life-cycles are shrinking. Our organization life-cycles are also shrinking. We need to adopt Performance Excellence criteria, urgently. Do-It-Yourself Assessments are jargon free, as well as Faster-Better-Cheaper-Different. Start with a pilot management category. Become an expert. Graduate to the remaining 11 categories at your own pace.

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