A distinguished alumnus of IIT Bombay, Suresh Lulla has made a mark through his work in the field of Quality.

He is a veteran professional with over 50 years of experience as a management consultant, speaker, trainer, author, and storyteller. His areas of specialization include, Problem Solving, Process Excellence, Performance Excellence, Benchmarking for Best Practices.

Suresh was mentored by Dr J M Juran, ‘the father of Quality’, who, along with Mahatma Gandhi and Shri Ramkrishna Bajaj form the trinity of his role models. He jokes that one thing he has in common with them is a bald head.

His Quality Guru is Dr J M Juran and his Benchmarking Guru is Dr Robert Camp.

Mr Lulla founded India’s first dedicated Quality Management consulting firm, Qimpro Consultants, in 1987. Since inception, Qimpro has helped save over INR 20,000 crores for organizations across manufacturing and service industries.

In 2004, he was awarded the Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC) Juran Centennial Medal for his pioneering contribution to quality practices in India.

Mr Lulla is the Chairman, IMC Quality Awards Committee which adjudges the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award as well as the IMC Juran Medal; and Director, Membership Retention and Engagement, Global Benchmarking Network, founded by Dr Robert Camp the Benchmarking Guru.

His first book World-Class Quality: An Executive Handbook was published by Tata McGraw-Hill 2003. Since then Mr Lulla has authored 75 Quality Fables — short narratives with crisp business lessons — based on his experiences with clients since 1972. Three volumes of 25 Quality Fables each are available here. He is in the process of writing the final 25 fables.

In 2011, Mr Lulla developed and launched a digital tool, BestPrax Barometer, for Harvesting Best Practices in an organization. The feedback report highlights the Best Practices and the Weak Practices.

In 2015, he developed and launched a digital course on Problem Solving. The structured methodology addresses chronic problems in an organization and thereby reduces the related Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ), with no capital investment.

Mr Lulla holds a B Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and a MS in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit. He is a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality and a Certified Management Consultant from the Institute of Management Consultants of India.

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