Mumbai: The capital for potholes and collapsed footbridges

Mumbai: The capital for potholes and collapsed footbridges - Qimrpo

For several years, potholes on Mumbai roads have been the focus of social conversation and alarm. Over the years, citizens have learned to accept band-aid solutions to this acute chronic problem. In the next few months, when the  monsoons lash Mumbai, potholes conversation will gather momentum.

In recent months, social conversation has expanded. We now also chat about collapsing footbridges in Mumbai. There have been several deaths and near deaths with each collapse. The dead and injured have been bread earners. 

Sadly, we seem to be our own terrorists. Our construction work lacks quality and reliability.

On request, the military have rebuilt bridges, at three locations – Elphinstone Road, Currey Road and Ambivli. These Bailey bridges were erected in record time. Bailey bridges are neat and reliable. Plus, the military is trustworthy, in terms of competencies, as well as character. No hanky-panky.

I have visited military cantonments in Mumbai, and Pune, as well as elsewhere in the country. The roads are perfect. The traffic flow has discipline. The housekeeping is also perfect. Each campus has simple robust housing for the staff. The lawns are well manicured. Life in a cantonment is safe. These cantonments are located in the same cities where infrastructure failure is a way of life.

I dream of the military managing the municipalities across India, for 1000 days. They will deliver miracles, within our undisciplined culture.

6 thoughts on “Mumbai: The capital for potholes and collapsed footbridges”

  • I agree vehemently with you sir. A contract should be handed over to the military, giving them adequate resources and time, under build, operate and transfer (BOT) scheme. They need not employ military personnel to construct, rather employ civilian contractors instead. If properly supervised by military we can have top class constructions!
    Issue is not just at Mumbai. Barring main roads, all internal connecting roads at Gurgaon have same perpetual problem.

  • Sir, beg to differ here, just because we cannot find solutions with indiscipline of one establishment we cannot over burden the other…. We have to get them disciplined till then ‘suffer’ (Hindi and English meaning implied) the transition!!!

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