Quality Capsule 26: World-Class Quality - Spread

So far we have covered three terrains on the road to world-class quality:

  1. Resolve. Quality Capsule #023
  2. Plan. Quality Capsule #024
  3. Commence. Quality Capsule #025

The fourth geographical terrain is Spread the pilot experience for attaining world-class quality. By now, an organization would have typically spent one to two years deciding on a new course of action, preparing for the change, starting the process with a few Bellwether projects and building the infrastructure.

The action points for senior managers are:

  • Replicate the Bellwether experience at all units. This includes setting up a WCQ Council at each unit; conducting quality improvement projects; building the WCQ infrastructure.
  • In time, expand the number of quality improvement projects at each unit
  • Expand the team training to include additional methodologies
  • Organize and participate in in professional qualitist certification programmes
  • Personally train teams on creativity tools
  • Communicate team performance results
  • Communicate measurement yardsticks to be used in the future

Check if the Quality Leadership Compass is pointing to the vision. Quality Capsule #021

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