People with a Mission. People with a Vision. People with Principle-Driven Values.

Qimrpo Awards 2019

Qimpro Awards

The 30th Qimpro Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday 13th November in Mumbai. This property is owned by Qimpro Foundation.

Qimpro Awards are a celebration of Individual Excellence in Quality. As a Statesman. As a Leader.

We have come a long way. From a focus primarily on Business, to now include Healthcare, Education, and Environment. Each of the four categories has an independent Panel of Judges.

The Awards Ceremony was graced by several members of the Panel of Judges, as well as Past Awardees.

The following were the award recipients this year.


Qimpro Gold Standard: A leader who has used Quality & Excellence as a strategy to transform a specific institution.

  1. Education: Prof C Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor, O P Jindal Global University
  2. Education: Meera Shenoy, Founder, Youth4Jobs Foundation
  3. Healthcare: Dr R V Ramani, Founder & Managing Trustee, Sankara Eye Foundation
  4. Business: Sanjiv Bajaj, Director, Bajaj Finserv Limited.


Qimpro Platinum Standard: A national statesman who advocates adoption of Quality & Excellence practices.

  1. Education: Ashish Dhawan, Founder, Central Square Foundation; Co-Founder, Ashoka University
  2. Healthcare: Dr Vijay Agarwal, President, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO)
  3. Environment: Mahesh Chander Mehta, Enviro-Lawyer
  4. Business: Aditya Puri, Managing Director, HDFC Bank.
Qimrpo Awards 2019 - Winners


Qimpro Foundation believes:

  1. Customer defines Quality
  2. Customer includes: External Customer; Internal Customer; Society; Mother Earth
  3. People make Quality.

Our Awardees reinforce these beliefs.

Random Thoughts

  1. If people appreciate in value, why are they considered a cost?
  2. If equipment depreciate in value, why are they considered an asset?

2 thoughts on “People with a Mission. People with a Vision. People with Principle-Driven Values.”

  • Thank you Sachin for your positive feedback.
    Bittu Sahgal is a crusader for Save The Planet. We first met two decades back, fascinated by each others mission. We now find our missions are converging.

  • I had the priviledge to attend last 5 Qimpro Awards and understand new leadership perspective from receipants. From customer centric organizations to healthcare and education enterprises, their organizations have created stakeholder wealth consistently over the years. The most touching moments have been to hear from enviroment leaders such as Bittoo Sehgal. Thank You for inviting us to Qimpro Awards and making us feel, a part of your journey.

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