Balancing Business Growth and Green Values

Green Quality Capsules - Balancing Business Growth and Green Values - Suresh Lulla

Green Quality Movement

We are a Think Tank for a Green Quality Movement in India. The members of this Think Tank are: Bittu Sahgal, Vivek Talwar, Umesh Dhand, Ashok Kurup, and I.

Over the past three months, we have debated about what the Purpose of a Green Quality Movement should be; but simply can’t articulate it in 10 words. Each time we believe we have zeroed in on a glossary definition for Green Quality, we end up further debating about the Purpose.

Our divergence in thinking needs convergence. I believe, the Think Tank has an emotional understanding of the term Green Quality. I also believe the articulation of this term will evolve in due course.

Fortunately, all members of the Think Tank agree that a Green Quality Movement must be piloted by leaders of industry, public and private. From manufacturing, services, and construction.

Green Leadership

Mahatma Gandhi led India’s freedom movement based on the core tenets of non-violence and equity. And it changed the world. He proved that freedom can be achieved through non-violence.

At this point in Climate Change history, we urgently need to revisit and understand the character for of all forms of life on earth, and related indiscriminate human violence. We also need to redefine the balance that will allow us to make business progress.

In short, we need to benchmark Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence commandment.

Consequently, we need answers. Can leaders become Trustees who focus on Business Growth as well as Green Values? In this context, how can companies’ balance:

  • Social Responsibility and Profit?
  • Green Quality and Profit?

There is no doubt that a new avatar of leadership is needed that builds Social Trust, is driven by Green Values, and is open to Radical Change.

The Reality

Finally, technology is based on zeroes and ones. Unfortunately, this has reduced leadership thinking into binaries too.

Think of the Coastal Road under construction, in Mumbai. Where is the Green Quality?

5 thoughts on “Balancing Business Growth and Green Values”

  • In my humble opinion, the purpose could be to” re-value earth ” for all its inhabitants, to make it a better place with continuous and quantum improvements.

  • The key issue is that the word ‘Green’ fires off preconceived notions. Environmentalists, do-gooders, animal rights, wildlife lovers and what have you. In truth we need to accept that the economy is wholly subserevient to the biosphere (barely needs more proof any longer) and what is needed now is good planet management. That and a strong understanding that, in the long term, the most successful economic enterprises (including our homes, schools, businesses and governments) are those that embraced quality with efficiency. Seen in this light, quality must be the North Star for economic success because no-one and nothing supercedes a living biosphere. Not even the fight against the pandemic.

  • You have a very good thnk tank who can be challenged to see Unilever Chairman’s Talk in Stanford Students available on YouTube. .my thougtt:
    Purpose of business is to continuously enhance social capital goals of meeting customers through integration iof supply chain partnerships. .

  • Green quality is the need of the hour. We owe to the future genration the responsibility of nurturing the mother earrh so that the future generation can live a better life

  • Quality Management should focus on Green transformation as well in addition sustained business growth and if not – No real value for both Customers and Society.

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