Benchmarking Indian Rural Best Practices

Green Quality Capsule - Benchmarking Indian Rural Best Practices - Suresh Lulla

Left Brain / Right Brain

We humans have a brain – left and right. Left is logical. Right is creative.

I believe, the most under-employed asset in an organization is the creativity resident in the employees.


When a child is born, it actively uses the right brain to communicate. Right?

Then, unfortunately the parents send the child to school, where the reward and recognition is for left brain activities. Ignored, the right brain becomes dormant. Right?

Better / Faster / Cheaper

Left brain logical thinking is a way of life through academic education and industrial employment. Logical specializations such as Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Operations Management, Continuous Improvement, amongst other, come centre stage. The goal is Better / Faster / Cheaper. The assumptions are:

  • Climate is predictable
  • Natural resources are in abundance
  • Society is cooperative
  • Employees are in good health
  • Customer needs are stable.

Unfortunately, these assumptions have been challenged by a tsunami of disruptive occurrences traceable to global Climate Change and the global Covid Pandemic.

Better / Faster / Cheaper / DIFFERENT

We now need innovative solutions that are Better / Faster / Cheaper / DIFFERENT. Survival of humans is being threatened. One decade? Two? Three?

As firefighting steps, we need to collectively reignite our right brains. How can we ignite chronic dormancy? A possible approach is: Benchmarking Indian Rural Best Practices to develop Tenfold More Value with Tenfold Lesser Resources. There is an urgency to do so. We do not have the luxury of past assumptions.

Tenfold More Value for whom? Customers; Employees; Shareholders; Society; Planet. Perhaps, in the reverse sequence.

Tenfold Lesser Resources of what? Financial Resources; Natural Resources; Time.

Green Quality

In summary, organizations (Manufacturing; Services; Healthcare; Education) must simultaneously maximize value for all stakeholders in their ecosystem while minimizing the use of resources.

In other words, organizations must strive to create value for Society and the Planet.

This is Green Quality. We can repair the Planet.

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  • .My view is leadership role in Busiess Andother Insitutions needs to redefine its role as TRUSTEES of Environment ,, Society, etc to derive social ,human -customsumers and people and economic value through entinuous improvement and waste reduction in balance and their Performance and contribution must be measured accordingly . That must be the standard of Corporate Govermance . Only profit as a measure is apasse .and must debunked.

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